SteamPumpkin Pumpkin Spiced Ale- The SteamPumpkin Ale is the perfect way to switch gears into fall, with this special seasonal beer.  Forget smashing pumpkins- we use them during our mash instead.  With over 200lbs of 100% real pumpkin, the result is no trick and all treat…bottled pumpkin pie!  There are even traditional holiday spices added of nutmeg, clove and cinnamon, but don’t mistake it for your Granny’s homemade recipe- we threw in a secret ingredient to give it that extra Rocket Republic kick! Hmmm…perhaps we should have called it Steampump-kickin’ Ale. But don’t worry- with an ABV of only 6.3%, you can have one for dessert and one with dessert.  And maybe another one after.  I know what I’m thankful for this season!

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