Behind Our Name and Partnership
Eric and Tatum Crigger fell in love in sunny Key West, Florida- a.k.a. Conch Republic. Soon after, they relocated to Huntsville, Alabama- a.k.a. Rocket City- where they met local rocket engineers, John and Lynn Troy. So what do you get when you cross a couple that seriously loves brewing beer with a couple of serious rocket scientists? A mash made in heaven! (Pardon the partnership pun- it was just too good to pass up.)  The appeal of being a part of the craft beer industry continued to be a hot topic after John and Eric’s hockey games, so the Troys and the Criggers figured there was just no better way to kick back at the end of a long day than to take a well-deserved sip of your very own beer. So they all decided to start their own brewery, and Rocket Republic Brewing Co. was founded in September of 2013! Come visit the owners in their Steampunk-themed taproom now open to the general public, which launched (sorry- that was the last pun, I promise!) on St. Patricks Day in 2015!

Behind the Logo
Our label logo was originally designed after the Conch Republic flag- we just replaced the conch shell with a rocket instead and decided to give it a major facelift off into future with a Steampunk theme. From there the flag evolved into something more simplified with the back-to-back R’s, creating our Rocket Republic Grunge Logo.